People Are Turning To Cannabis Oil for Cancer Treatment

People Are Turning To Cannabis Oil for Cancer Treatment

Is your loved one suffering from cancer?  Your loved one might be getting treated for cancer through chemotherapy, but you might be looking for other alternatives. Yes, you heard me right. Alternative for treating cancer is present and many people are going for it.

Cannabis oil for cancer is considered to be an alternative treatment for cancer. Even though the effectiveness of the treatment is a hugely debatable topic, still many people are going for it. This is because some studies and medical journals are claiming that cannabis oil can kill the cancer cells present within the body. In fact, some studied have shown that the cannabinoids like THC and CBD present within the oil are responsible in killing the cancer cells by starving the cancer cell.

Cannabis Oil

If you are planning to get hold of cannabis oil for curing your cancer, you need to take a look into some basic facts about the oil. Cannabis oil is usually obtained from the Cannabis Sativa plant through the process of solvent extraction. Basically, the dried buds and leaves are soaked in a solution for some hours. It helps the important chemical compounds to get settled into the solution. After that, the solution is strained so that it does not contain any dry part of the plant. Then the solution is heated properly. On heating the compounds don’t get destroyed rather it remains there. Once the solution is heated and settled, cannabis oil for cancer treatment.

How Cannabis Oil Treats Cancer?

Whether one wants to consume cannabis for treating cancer or one simply wants to use cannabis oil, it is important to learn how it treats cancer. To be precise it can be said the oil contains important cannabinoids that works on inhibiting the growth of cancer cells.

Every year, people from all over the world are turning to cannabis oil for cancer. However, care should be taken to use cannabis oil along with chemotherapy. It will be more effective in treating cancer. Basically, the cannabinoids work hard to bring the death of cancer cells.

The cannabinoids are known for activating the cancer receptor cells. As a result, synthesis of ceramide increases. For a healthy cell, increase in the ceramide level leads to the death. In fact, cannabis oil is considered for preventing the spread of cancer cells and also preventing adjoining tissues from getting affected. Usually, the process of ‘apoptosis’ brings the death of cancer cells.

Cannabis oil for cancer starves cancer cells to death because of a slight change of mitochondria. It is a known fact that the mitochondria are responsible for producing energy for cancer cells. The increased level of ceramide causes genotic stress and pushes out cytochrome C from the mitochondria. When the source of energy gets killed cancer cells don’t have a chance to survive.

Basically, when the oil is taken, it causes a disruption of the digestive system of cancer cells. The oil also prevents blood vessels present in the body to feed the cancer cells. Thus, the pro-survival pathways get blocked.

Studies have shown that cannabinoids of cannabis oil for cancer can bind to the receptor cells and prevent the ability to get divided. Hence, the oil can be easily used for treating cancer.


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